What's new in Dynamo 2.0

Dynamo 2.0

Release Date: Apr 16, 2018

Tags: Dictionaries, View Extensions


  • Collection of key-value pairs very useful to organize data.

View Extensions

  • Extend the Dynamo UI by registering custom menu items.


  • Files (dyn and dyf) will be saved in a format that is not compatible with earlier versions of Dynamo. Dynamo 2.0 graphs and custom nodes can not be opened in 1.x.
  • JSON facilitates future use and reuse of Dynamo graphs in non-Windows, web-friendly environments
  • While most 1.x packages will work just fine on 2.0, due to the breaking API changes that have been made in this release, it is possible that you may run into some issues.
  • Are desktop to web workflows already possible? Not yet, but we are working on it.
  • The library is now a web component that we plan on utilizing in both the desktop and web environments.
  • The new default “Auto” lacing will match single items with lists as the “Shortest” behavior did in previous releases → “Longest”-ish behavior.
  • Several DesignScript changes have been made to simplify the language for easier maintenance and increasing legibility.
    • Unify List@Level syntax to more closely match the UI found in nodes, preview bubbles, and watch nodes. For example, @-2 will now be @L2.
    • “=” is no longer required in for return statements in function definitions or imperative code. For example, return x; rather than return = x;
    • Variables are immutable in code blocks. If you use a variable like “x” in a code block, you cannot redefine “x” again in the same code block.
    • Variables defined in imperative blocks will be local to imperative block scope.
    • Hide associativity in code block node usage by making variables immutable while we continue to retain associative update as a native feature of the DS engine only.
  • Python updates:
    • multiple editor opened at the same time
    • run button
    • templates are now supported


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Written on June 25, 2019