Pimp my Revit Project

Or the advantages of building project specific tools


  • Credits

  • What tool?

  • Examples

  • Any Dynamo User in the room?

  • Problems


Danny Bentley - BIM Structural Technician at SOM - 2017 https://github.com/dannysbentley/Sections


Dynamic Model Update Section - Revit Samples 2012


The good, the bad and the ugly

What tools risks?

  • Small programs that can be built in less than a week by one person
  • They do one very specific thing for one specific project
  • They can automate repetitive tasks or make Revit smarter
  • They can provide new feature or extend existing ones
  • They are not meant to be uploaded on the Tool Register but they live on GitLab:
    • Not ready to be deployed outside the office
    • Can be accessed by anyone who want to reuse part of the code
    • Implements version control
    • Colleagues can update and improve the code
  • They are used by a limited and small number of users:
    • It can be less user friendly
    • The workflow to follow can be more complex
    • Immediate feedback for usability and bugs
  • Let’s ignore IP for simplicity

Examples: New tool

Void By Face

1716 Rectangular + 1312 Circular = 3028 → 554mb

Void By Line

Add Metadata to PDF + Viewer

Examples: Add function to existing one

BCFier batch issues

Could have they been created with Dynamo?

  • Yes:
    • Revit Voids (Dynamo script by Ethan Gear)
    • Print Selected PDFs
  • No:
    • Pdf Metadata
    • BCFier

When another software is involved, Dynamo is not enough.


  • Dynamo is Dead cit. Konrad Sobon

  • It’s not as fast as a macro or C# addin
  • Easier to share few lines of code than a custom node
  • No version control
  • Dynamo never ending version compatibility issues and custom packages problems


  • Inevitably buggy (because done in a hurry and not by Software Developers)
  • Someone in each office should be in charge of creation and deployment
  • Set up personalised toolbars
  • What started as a simple tool with 2 buttons becomes a hell
Written on September 5, 2019