Minimum distance between curves and surface

I have modelled some anchors in Revit and I need to check the minimum distance between them and the tunnel external surface.

This can be easily done exporting the model in Rhino and using a Python script.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
surface_id = rs.GetObject("select surface", 8, True)
curve_id = rs.GetObject("select curve", 4)
points = rs.DivideCurve(curve_id, 50)
def evaluatedeviation(surface_id, threshold, sample):
    r2point = rs.SurfaceClosestPoint(surface_id, sample)
    r3point = rs.EvaluateSurface(surface_id, r2point[0], r2point[1])
    deviation = rs.Distance(r3point, sample)
    if deviation >= threshold: return
    rs.AddLine(sample, r3point)
for point in points: evaluatedeviation(surface_id, 3, point)